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After owning our German Shepherd (Lilo) for 2 years and our previous shepherd for 14 years (Lady) whom sadly died, we realized we had room in our lives for another dog.

We started looking at advertisements in the paper and decided to look at German shepherd puppies and out of curiosity Pyrenean puppies as there are no Pyreneans around where we live in Winsford Cheshire, only having seen 2 adult Pyreneans before in my life and was impressed at the look of them and never forgot.

We visited the German shepherd puppies first and proceeded on to the Pyrenean puppies, as we approached the cottage called (Teddy Bear Cottage) we looked down the gravel driveway and there staring back at us were four of the most beautiful white teddy bears we had ever seen.

After our stunned reaction at these gentle looking bears we promptly turned the car around and parked the car at the top of the drive with every step we took we fell in love and knew these were the puppies for us.

As we greeted them they bowled use over with there willingness to give us their gentle affection, and so we brought Penny (Penpriory New Thoughts) home in March 2006, our first Pyrenean.

We would like to thank Mr. Noel Melling (Penpriory Pyreneans) for letting us have one of his stunning puppies whom we love and cherish and want to share every moment with.

From then on were Pyrenean mad taking in our second Pyrenean Lucy (Granchester Lady in Red) in July 2006 whom was looking for a new home, she came to live with us and settled in very well giving us more love and affection, her shy and gentle nature makes here a little nervous around other people making her not so easy to show although we still occasionally do.

We decided to have another one to show number three Ella (Kalkasi Magical Flare) who came to live with us in December 2006 from Kalkasi Kennels filling our house with sweet mischief and naughtiness and yet more love.

From the first litter with Penny we have kept our first boy called Troy (Penellcy Spartan Warrior), we will be showing him in the future if we can get him out of the rubbish bin!

Again from the first litter with Ella we have kept our first girl called Arial (Penellcy Tapestry of Dreams), she is very naughty and attention seeking.

Filling our house with these beautiful gentle giants has made us very happy and proud to be owned by them.   



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