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Eros is our second boy whom we have kept from our second litter with Ella, he has performed very well in the ring and fathered his first litter in 2016.

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Penellcy Guard of Honour

Date Of Birth: 19.07.2012                              Hipscore:  2:2=4

Sire: Penpriory New Statesman of Dennaje (Romeo)

Dam: Kalkasi Magical Flare at Penellcy (Ella)


                                                                                Show Results

Date     Show Judge
17-Feb Minor Puppy Dog 3rd PMDC of GB (Championship Show) Stuart Mallard
  Puppy Dog Res    
  Maiden Dog 2nd    
  Novice Dog 2nd    
1-April Minor Puppy Dog 2nd NE PMDC (Open Show) Elena Vespa
  Puppy Dog 2nd    
  Maiden Dog 2nd    
  Novice Dog 2nd    
7-April Minor Puppy Dog 2nd SE PMDC (Championship Show) Keith Nathan
  Puppy Dog 2nd    
  Maiden Dog 1st    
  Novice Dog 1st    
27-April Puppy Dog/Bitch 2nd WELKS (Championship Show - No CCs) Peter Radley
28-April Puppy Dog 2nd PMDC of GB (Open Show) Christine Kenyon
  Novice Dod 2nd    
  Under Graduate Dog 3rd    
11-May Puppy Dog 2nd Birmingham National (Championship Show) Jack Bispham
2-June Puppy Dog 2nd Southern Counties (Championship Show - No CCs) Cath Moffat
  Junior Dog 2nd    
7-June Puppy Dog 2nd Three Counties (Championship Show - No CCs) Terri Cousins-Brown
  Junior Dog 1st    
23-June Puppy Dog 2nd Blackpool (Championship Show) Andrew Brace
  Junior Dog 2nd    
13-July Puppy Dog Res National Working & Pastoral Breeds (Championship Show) Andrew Haresign
  Junior Dog 2nd    
26-July Junior Dog 2nd Leeds (Championship Show) Jeff Horswell
  Postgraduate Dog 1st    
31-Aug Postgraduate Dog 2nd City of Birmingham (Championship Show) Jill Peak
20-Oct Junior Dog 2nd NE PMDC (Championship Show) Sue Hewart-Chambers
  Postgraduate Dog 1st    
24-Oct Junior Dog 1st Midland Counties (Championship Show) Jeff Luscott
  Postgraduate Dog Res    
Date     Show Judge
18-Jan Junior Dog 1st Manchester (Championship Show - No CCs)  Graham Hill
06-Mar  Postgraduate Dog 2nd Crufts (Championship Show)  Michael Coad 
06-Apr Graduate Dog 2nd SE PMDC (Championship Show)  Joao Pocas 
  Postgraduate Dog 2nd    
13-Apr Postgraduate Dog 2nd PMDC of GB (Open Show) Denise Simpson
11-May Limit Dog 2nd Birmingham National (Championship Show)  Noel Melling 
17-May Postgraduate Dog 1st SKC (Championship Show) Frank Kane 
25-May Postgraduate Dog Res Bath (Championship Show) Elina Haapaniemi
22-Jun Limit Dog 1st Blackpool (Championship Show) Robin Searle 
26-Jul Postgraduate Dog 1st Leeds (Championship Show)  Barrie Croft 
19-Nov Limit Dog 1st NE PMDC (Open Show) Ken Jessup
  Reserve Dog CC      
13-Dec Limit Dog 2nd LKA (Championship Show)  Yvonne Baverstock 
17-Jan Open Dog 2nd Manchester (Championship Show - No CCs) Ernie Paterson
24-Jan Open Dog 2nd  Lichfield Canine Society (Open Show)   Mel Ford
  Reserve Best of Breed      
22-Feb Limit Dog 1st PMDC of GB (Championship Show) Roger Vincent
06-Mar Limit Dog 3rd Crufts (Championship Show) Toni Jackson
06-Apr Limit Dog 1st NE PMDC (Open Show) Sue Pollock-Yule
  Special Limit Dog/Bitch 3rd   Jacqui Downes
07-May Limit Dog 1st  Birmingham National (Championship Show) Vic Salt
 24-May  Limit Dog  Res Bath (Championship Show)  Terrie Cousins-Brown
 21-Jun  Open Dog  Res Border Union (Championship Show)  Marion Sargent
 28-Jun  Open Dog  VHC Blackpool (Championship Show)  Sandra Gibson
 11-Jul  Open Dog  2nd National Working & Pastoral Breeds (Championship Show)  Robin Newhouse
 22-Aug  Open Dog  2nd Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show)  Christine Edwards
 31-Aug  Open Dog  Res PMDC of GB (Open Show)  Wayne Boyd
 18-Oct  Open Dog  VHC NE PMDC (Championship Show)  Tan Nagrecha
   Special Stakes Dog  3rd    
 24-Oct  Open Dog  VHC Midland Counties (Championship Show)  Rodney Oldham
21-Feb Limit Dog Res PMDC of GB (Open Show) Alain Pecoult
12-Mar Limit Dog Res Crufts (Championship Show) Noel Melling
29-May Limit Dog 2nd Bath (Championship Show) Karen Kennedy
26-Jun Limit Dog 1st Blackpool (Championship Show) Frank Kane
22-Jul Limit Dog 3rd Leeds (Championship Show)  Kevin Young
31-Jul Limit Dog 3rd PMDC of GB (Open Show) Judith McDowell
20-Aug Limit Dog 1st Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show) Albert Wight
21-May Limit Dog 3rd SKC (Championship Show) Jeff Horswell
28-May Open Dog VHC Bath (Championship Show) Robin Searle
19-Aug  Limit Dog 3rd Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show)  Espen Engh
26-Oct  Limit Dog 3rd NE PMDC (Championship Show) Tom Johnston
29-Jul Open Dog 3rd Leeds (Championship Show) Barrie Croft

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