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Penny was our first Pyrenean who shows us enough love for 10 people and so got us hooked on the breed, we show her and she has done very well in the ring, she has had just one litter of 9 lovely puppies of which we kept her son Troy.

Penpriory New Thoughts at Penellcy


All the things we should have done that we never did,

Give me these moments back,

Give them back to me,

Give me that little kiss,

Give me that hand.


Rest in peace baby bear xxx

Born 29/09/2005, Passed away 02/04/2018





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Crufts 2008 Critique By Judge Joe Kirk

Wilcock's Penpriory New Thoughts at Penellcy, very feminine expression, lots to like, good head, eye & ears, overall balance good, nice bone, good loin & correct tailset, moved out with purpose.


Date Of Birth: 29.09.2005                   Hipscore: 3:4=7

Sire: Alchazandis Secret Liasion

Dam: Ch Zalute Zuperxzillarating of Penpriory JW


                                                                              Show Results

Date     Show Judge
17-Apr  Minor Puppy Bitch  2nd NE PMDC (Open Show)  Vic Salt
 Maiden Bitch  2nd    
15-Jun  Puppy Bitch  2nd Three Counties (Champ Show - No CCs)  Marion Sargent 
 Junior Bitch  2nd    
25-Jun  Puppy Bitch  VHC Blackpool (Championship Show)  Ellis Hulme 
24-Jul  Puppy Bitch  3rd Leeds (Championship Show)  Jack Bispham 
 Junior Bitch  Res    
   Postgraduate Bitch  Res    
16-Sep  Puppy Bitch  3rd Darlington (Champ Show - No CCs)  Jill Peak 
22-Oct  Junior Bitch  Res NE PMDC (Championship Show)  Robin Newhouse 
   Postgraduate Bitch  Res    
27-Oct  Junior Bitch  2nd Midland Counties (Championship Show)  Barry Croft 
08-Dec  Junior Bitch  1st LKA (Championship Show)  Beryl Lord 
   Postgraduate Bitch  2nd    
Date     Show Judge
09-Mar  Special Junior Bitch  Res Crufts (Championship Show)  Pat Bayliss 
09-Apr  Postgraduate Bitch  Res NE PMDC (Open Show)  Tom Johnston 
10-May  Postgraduate Bitch  3rd Birmingham National (Championship Show)  Sue Hewart-Chambers 
17-Jun  Graduate Bitch  1st Blackpool (Championship Show)  Frank Kane 
01-Sep  Postgraduate Bitch  2nd City of Birmingham (Championship Show)  Tan Nagrecha 
21-Oct  Postgraduate Bitch  Res NE PMDC (Championship Show)  Goran Bodegard 
02-Dec  Postgraduate Bitch  Res NE PMDC (Open Show)  Terrie Cousins-Brown 
 Limit Bitch  3rd    
Date     Show Judge


Postgraduate Bitch 2nd Crufts (Championship Show) Joe Kirk
20-Apr Postgraduate Bitch 2nd PMDC of GB (Open Show) Yvonne Baverstock
Limit Bitch 2nd    
27-Apr Limit Bitch Res WELKS (Championship Show) Beryl Lord
Date     Show Judge
09-Jul Limit Bitch 2nd East Of England (Championship Show) Barrie Croft
17-Jul Limit Bitch 2nd National Working & Pastoral Breeds (Championship Show) Michael Coad
21-Aug Limit Bitch 2nd Welsh Kennel Club (Championship Show) Sue Hewart-Chambers
Date     Show Judge
15-May Under Graduate Bitch Res PMDC of GB (Open Show) Fran Kaye
  Postgraduate Bitch VHC    
26-Jun Limit Bitch 2ND Blackpool (Championship Show)  Jean Lanning
16-Jul Limit Bitch Res National Working & Pastoral Breeds  (Championship Show) Sheila Munro
29-Oct Limit Bitch 2ND Midland Counties (Championship Show)  Liz Cartledge
Date     Show Judge
08-Jul Limit Bitch 1St East Of England (Championship Show - No CCs) Keith Baldwin
Date     Show Judge
31-Aug Veteran Bitch VHC PMDC of GB (Open Show) Jean Boyd


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