Ella's Litter 2012  



 Ella & Romeo are the proud parents of 8 handsome boys, born 19.07.2012........

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Ella                              Romeo

Ella & Romeo's Litter

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Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Jay & Adam 


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Grace & Paul   

His New Name Is Cloudbear 


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Julie & Steven   

His New Name Is Thor 


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Preeti & Ashok   

His New Name Is Troy  


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Lauraine & John  


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Jill & John   

His New Name Is Milo 


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Elodie & Gregory


Is Now The Proud Owner Of

Linda & John   

His New Name Is Floyd 


Puppies at 6 weeks old                                       Puppies at 7 weeks old


Puppies at 3 weeks old                                       Puppies at 4 weeks old       


Puppies at 1 day old                                        Puppies at 1+2 weeks old



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